Review of Kagoshima Prefecture designated traditional craft Satsuma Kiriko “Double Covered Lattice Old” (Benifuji “Luri/Gold Red”)

【ふるさと納税】鹿児島県指定伝統的工芸品 薩摩切子「二重被せ格子オールド」(紅藤「瑠璃/金赤」) 鹿児島 伝統 工芸品 切子 食器 グラス ガラス 記念品 贈答 贈り物 還暦祝 結婚祝 退職祝 敬老の日 父の日 母の日【薩摩びーどろ工芸】
価格:220,000円(税込、送料無料) (2024/5/3時点) 楽天で購入


Satsuma Kiriko is a traditional craft of Kagoshima Prefecture, and the “Double Covered Lattice Old” (Red Wisteria “Ruri/Kinaka”) is especially known for its beauty. This craft is characterized by delicate hand-cutting techniques, creating a striking lattice pattern of dual hues. Red wisteria uses two colors: lapis lazuli and gold-red, each of which gives off a vivid visual when reflected in the light.

Design and functionality

This glass is not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to use. It has just the right weight when you pick it up, and is designed so that the cut glass pattern stands out even more beautifully when you pour a drink into it. The size of an old glass makes it suitable for enjoying whiskey or brandy, and it can also be used as a conversation starter at the dining table or bar counter.

manufacturing process

Manufacturing Satsuma Kiriko is a very labor-intensive process. The double glazing technique requires two layers of colored glass and clear glass to be precisely aligned, and then each piece is cut by hand by a skilled craftsman. This time-consuming manufacturing process gives each glass a unique expression, which is of great value to the person who uses it.


When actually used, Satsuma Kiriko glasses are extremely durable and have a quality that can withstand everyday use. However, it is recommended that these glasses, which can be considered works of art, be handled with care and washed by hand.

General review

Satsuma Kiriko “Double Covered Lattice Old” (Benifuji “Ruri/Kinaka”) is highly praised not only for its beauty but also for its practicality. This glass is a masterpiece that embodies Japanese tradition and craftsmanship, and you can appreciate its value every time you use it. This item is highly recommended as a gift or for home use.